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Star Wars Dog Names

Give your new dog a creative moniker with inspiration from this list of Star Wars dog names!

You went through the pages of dogs online. You made a list of your favorites and headed to the dog shelter. You met several furry friends before you found him. THIS is the dog for me! It’s time to bring home your new best friend but now it’s time for the hardest part: what to name your new dog!

Most adopted dogs come with an interesting name. Unless they are surrendered to the shelter, most of the time little is known about these dogs. The dog rescue needs a way to identify them and most give them silly or creative names. Others stick with boring ones. When we adopted Barkley from the Houston Humane Society his name was “Rover”. I kid you not! That name definitely didn’t fit his spunky little personality.

Choosing a name for your dog can be hard. There are so many to choose from! Do you give them a classic name like Max or something that describes their physical characteristics like Fluffy? We thought it was interesting that Barkley hardly ever barked – that’s one of the reasons we gave him the name we did!

Another way to choose a dog name is to look to pop culture. You can base the dog name off your favorite band or look for inspiration in music. Movies are also a fantastic way to choose a dog name. In our house, we love the Star Wars series! I compiled a list of 35+ Star Wars dog names from the Star Wars universe!

Most of the main character names are obvious choices. If we had to guess, our number one pick for best Star Wars dog name goes to: Chewie! A furry companion who occasionally makes funny noises? There’s no better choice! We love the double entendre that you get with a name like “Chewie”!

star wars dog names: chewie

There are also a fair few of female Star Wars names for dogs. Our favorite here of course goes to the female heroine, Leia. Your furry friend will love this feminine name that comes with all the awesome energy Carrie Fisher brought to the role.

star wars dog names: leia

If you’re into the newer movies, there are several Star Wars dog names to choose from in the later releases. Rey and Kylo are the obvious choices here but don’t miss the other great choices. We also love: Poe and Finn. For sisters, we love the names Rose and Tico. Rose’s name was Paige so “Pae Pae” would be pretty cute too.

creative dog names Poe from Star Wars

The Star Wars universe is huge (no pun intended!) and there are a lot of choices that don’t even come from the movies! Our first choice from a Star Wars TV show would be the adorable Grogu! Everyone loves baby Yoda! Mando would be another adorable dog name.

cute dog names Yoda from Star Wars

We also tried to think outside the box and come up with a few creative names. They may not be the first that come to mind but these names are also from Star Wars and would be super cute dog names! My favorite in this category is Wicket. If that name isn’t ringing a bell, he’s the adorable Ewok that helped the Rebellion in Return of the Jedi!

different dog names Wicket from Star Wars

If you’re more into the Dark Side of the Force, we’ve got a few creative names for you to choose from here as well. You can look to the names of Sith Lords, Gangsters, and other villains. Our choice here would be “Hux”. That would be a cute doggo name. Others would be: Jabba, Dooku, and can’t forget General Grievous. Can someone please name their grumpy looking Bulldog that!?

hux dog name from star wars

Star Wars Dog Names Ideas

  1. Chewie
  2. Han
  3. Luke
  4. Leia
  5. Anakin
  6. Boba
  7. Yoda
  8. Rey
  9. Kylo
  10. Jabba
  11. Dooku
  12. Poe
  13. Finn
  14. Mando
  15. Darth
  16. Grogu
  17. Jango
  18. Jawa
  19. Jinn
  20. Jyn
  21. Wicket
  22. Bendu
  23. Gideon
  24. Babu
  25. Snootles
  26. Maximilian
  27. Maz
  28. Migs
  29. Owen
  30. Beru
  31. Hux
  32. Tano
  33. Lando
  34. Rose
  35. General Grievous
  36. Peli
  37. Sabine
  38. Wren

We hope this list gives you some dog name inspiration. Choosing a name for your dog can be overwhelming but no matter what you go with, they are going to love the heck out of you!

While coming up with this list we decided to look for a few Star Wars dog toys and realized there were a TON of options! So no matter which Star Wars dog names you choose, you should be able to find a toy that fits for your furry friend! In addition to toys, we found Star Wars dog costumes, Star Wars dog leashes and collars, and cute Star Wars dog t-shirts! We compiled a list for you for easy shopping!

So, which one of these is your favorite? Any names you love but don’t see on the list? Drop us a comment below!

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