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Harry Potter Dog Costume Ideas

It’s almost Halloween and we’ve found some of the best Harry Potter dog costume ideas! Whether you’re looking to buy or do a DIY dog Harry Potter costume, we’ve got the inspiration for you!

Welcome to Dogwarts! In an alternate reality where not only do wizards exist – but there are dog wizards as well! A few years ago, before we ever thought of starting this blog, we did family Harry Potter Halloween costumes! Barkley of course dressed up like “Hairy” Potter and dog mom Amber dressed in a DIY Luna Lovegood costume!

Our DIY Harry Potter Costume

diy harry potter dog halloween costume

Barkley’s costume was as simple as borrowing one of dog dad’s ties and popping on a pair of round glasses! Dog mom’s outfit was mostly clothes she had but we printed the glasses and magazine cover to create the fun Luna Lovegood look. Easy peasy Harry Potter Halloween costumes!

amber oliver as diy luna lovegood halloween costume

Throwing together a DIY Halloween costume is half the fun of this holiday. There’s something so rewarding about coming up with an idea – whether you’re inspired by a book, a movie, or something else – and pulling that costume together. It’s even better to have people recognize exactly what it is you’re going for! Iyour DIY dog costume recognized can be just as rewarding!

Harry Potter is still our favorite book/movie/series and we had a LOT of fun scouring the interwebs to see what genius others have come up with! We found some of the most creative Harry Potter dog costume ideas to share with you!

DIY Harry Potter Dog Halloween Costumes!

It's almost Halloween and we've found some of the best Harry Potter dog costume ideas! Whether you're looking to buy or do a DIY dog Harry Potter costume, we've got the inspiration for you!

There are a ton of cute pictures of dogs dressed in Harry Potter costumes on Pinterest and in Google Image search, but we don’t share anything here we can’t properly attribute. Unfortunately, a lot of photos are shared without crediting the creators and we don’t want to propagate that!



Of course we totally get if DIY isn’t your jam. For some people, it’s the one time of the year they pull out their glue guns and let their creativity run wild. But for you, maybe you’re more of an “Amazon Prime” kind of dog mom. Hey, no shame here! We just hope you tag us in those super cute dog Harry Potter costume pictures on Insta!

Harry Potter Dog Costume Ideas

One of the unexpected costume ideas is the spider outfit! How funny would it be to see your dog dressed as Aragog from Harry Potter! “Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies!?” A much cuter spider if I do say so myself!

Want a few accessories your doggo can wear year round? No need to wait for Halloween! These super cute Harry Potter bandanas and tees would be so cute on your dog any time of the year! We love the little tees but feel like we HAVE to get one of the Hogwarts bandanas! The “Slobberin” instead of Slytherin is the cutest and “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” is totally appropriate for Barkley!

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