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    Harry Potter Dog Costume Ideas

    It’s almost Halloween and we’ve found some of the best Harry Potter dog costume ideas! Whether you’re looking to buy or do a DIY dog Harry Potter costume, we’ve got the inspiration for you! Welcome to Dogwarts! In an alternate reality where not only do wizards exist – but there are dog wizards as well! A few years ago, before we ever thought of starting this blog, we did family Harry Potter Halloween costumes! Barkley of course dressed up like “Hairy” Potter and dog mom Amber dressed in a DIY Luna Lovegood costume! Our DIY Harry Potter Costume Barkley’s costume was as simple as borrowing one of dog dad’s ties…

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    Easy DIY Dog Bowl Stand

    Learn how to make your own EASY DIY dog bowl stand! When is the last time you cleaned your dog’s bowl? It’s one of those chores we usually don’t do as often as we should! One complaint I had with a traditional dog bowl (the kind that are all one piece and usually made of plastic!) is that you have to wait until all the food is gone to clean it out. The one piece dog bowl is also bigger and clunkier, making it harder to clean. I bought some stainless steel dog bowls for Barkley on Amazon. I loved the small size and that they could easily go in…