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5 Ways To Show Your Dog You Love Them

Our dogs give love freely and easily, here’s a list of ways how to show a dog you love them back!

As a dog lover, one of your favorite sights is opening your door and seeing your dog bounding to you. Dogs express so much with their body language. It’s not hard to tell when a dog is excited. They exude happiness with their wagging tail that leads to a whole body wag. Some dogs will bark or jump up and down or even spin in circles.

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They also express their fear and anxiousness with their bodies. A tucked tail and ears or cowering away from you. You can usually tell when a dog is embarrassed or ashamed by the way they display their body to you. So how do you respond? How do you return that love that is shown to you or help them feel safe and loved when they are afraid? We’re sharing a few ways to show a dog you love them that is sure to communicate your feelings toward them in ways they can understand!

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5 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them

Our dogs give love freely and easily, here's a list of ways to show your dog you love them back!

Take them with you

Our dog Barkley loves to go “bye-bye”! We try to take him as many places as we can. It helps keep him active by giving him something to do and it lets him socialize. Just like humans, doggies need some healthy interaction too!

Talk to them

I talk to my dog Barkley all the time and he finds ways to communicate with me! If I ask him to go outside and he doesn’t need/want to he lays down – that’s his way of saying “No thanks!”. Our dogs hear not only our words but our tone of voice – so communicate with them in a loving way.

Give them lots of pets

Obviously most dogs love a good ear or belly rub – but did you know it’s actually good for YOU as well? Petting your dog releases the hormone oxytocin in both you AND your pet! These happy hormones help battle the stress hormones in your body and can literally make you feel better. This is a win win for everyone!

Let them sleep with you

Dogs are pack animals and sleeping in close proximity shows love and trust. There are plenty of studies that show the benefits of co-sleeping! Thankfully our buddy is little so he doesn't take up much space. For bigger dogs, even if they aren't on the bed with you, allow them to sleep in the same room with you.

Feed them well

Your dogs gotta eat – so you might as well feed him food that will make him both happy and healthy! Give them homemade dog treats and make sure you’re buying quality dog food. They may not understand the research and care put into choosing their food and treats, but they know you are the one who provides for them. Nothing says "I love you" to a dog quite like a yummy treat or a bowl of their favorite kibble!

How to Show a Dog You Love Them

Caring for a dogs basic needs is only the minimum. Your pet should be treated like part of the family! It’s as simple as including them in your activities and taking the time to show them affection. Pets provide a valuable service to us – giving us unconditional love. Why not return that in simple ways that they are sure to notice and understand!

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This list is obviously just a starting point! There are countless ways in which you can show your four legged friends how much you love them. Many ways are the same as they are for the people in your life you care about. The easiest way to show your dog you love them is to just be intentional. Whatever it is you’re doing, if you’re doing it with love they are going to know it!

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