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Easy DIY Dog Bowl Stand

Learn how to make your own EASY DIY dog bowl stand!

When is the last time you cleaned your dog’s bowl? It’s one of those chores we usually don’t do as often as we should! One complaint I had with a traditional dog bowl (the kind that are all one piece and usually made of plastic!) is that you have to wait until all the food is gone to clean it out. The one piece dog bowl is also bigger and clunkier, making it harder to clean.

tails of barkley in front of diy dog bowl stand

I bought some stainless steel dog bowls for Barkley on Amazon. I loved the small size and that they could easily go in the dishwasher! Washing the dog bowls in the dishwasher is not only faster and easier but the high heat cycle disinfects them! Win win!

a diy dog bowl stand behind tails of barkley

We have a simple DIY project for you that will elevate those dog bowls and get them off the floor. This looks tidier and also makes it easier to clean underneath them as well! You only need a few basic tools for this easy DIY dog bowl stand.

DIY Dog Bowl Stand

Yield: 1 DIY Dog Bowl Stand

DIY Dog Bowl Stand

tails of barkley next to his easy diy dog bowl stand

Learn how to make your own easy DIY dog bowl stand!



  1. Trace your bowls onto the board and cut to the appropriate size. Mine was approximately 12 inches x 6 inches.
  2. Drill a hole into the middle of each circle. Whether you're using a jig saw or the scroll saw, you'll need a hole in the middle to start with.
  3. Using either the scroll saw or jig saw, cut out the circles. Note: it doesn't matter *too* much how good a job you do on this part. If your circles aren't perfect, don't fret! They will be covered!pieces of diy dog bowl stand
  4. Use sand paper or a Dremel, sand down the circles and any rough edges.
  5. Using the remnants of the 1x8 - cut 2 sections to add on either side as the legs for your modern DIY dog bowl stand. Mine were approximately 3 inches, but if you have a taller dog you'll need to make yours wider!
  6. Using wood glue, attach the "legs" to either side. I used clamps to hold in place, but you could also set something heavy on top until it dries if you don't have clamps or a corner clamp.glue and clamp on diy dog bowl stand
  7. After it's dry, use wood filler if needed (then sand) and add paint or stain as desired!
tails of barkley wagging his tail in front of easy diy dog bowl stand

This is a great project for anyone with a dog that is a bit of a messy eater! Have you ever had to pick kibble out of your dogs water bowl? Or try to dump the water while holding the food in and keep it from spilling? This easy DIY dog bowl stand will make your job a lot easier! And it will help you make sure your furry friend always has a clean, fresh bowl of food and water out for them.

We used a few power tools for this project but it can be done by even the most novice DIYer. There’s versatility in the tools used, so make the most of what you have and adapt if you need to get this project done! Everyone that has a dog knows they are special and every special doggo deserves this fun DIY dog bowl holder!

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